Spectre: Sanity, Madness & the Family - 29. Dny evropského filmu

Spectre: Sanity, Madness & the Family

  • Spectre: Sanity, Madness & the Family
  • Section: Film & Music
  • France
  • 2021 / 86 min
  • Director: Para One (Jean-Baptiste de Laubier)
  • Cast: Miho Akaizawa, Charlotte de Laubier, Laurène de Laubier, Sarah de Laubier, Fabienne Galula, Maciek Pozoga
  • French with Czech subtitles

Contact: UFO Distribution

An avant-garde search for the legacy of one’s own parents, set in a world of noises, sounds and musical inspirations from around the world.

Para One produces electronic music, as well as writing sensitive compositions for award-winning film director Céline Sciamma. Phantasm is his directorial debut, in which he lovingly follows in the sonic footsteps of his parents – from Japan to Bulgaria.



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