Flee - 29. Dny evropského filmu


  • Flugt
  • Section: Stars
  • Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden
  • 2020 / 90 min
  • Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen
  • Animated Film
  • Danish, English, Russian, Swedish, Dari, Norwegian with Czech subtitles

Contact: Film Europe

Amin Nawabi (pseudonym), a successful 36-year-old academic, has been harbouring a painful secret for 20 years. Its revelation could threaten the life he has built with his fiancé. The story of the extraordinary journey of a child refugee from Afghanistan is told for the first time by Amín to his close friend and high school classmate, filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen, who, to protect Amín’s true identity, conveys it to us mainly through film animation. Based on a heartfelt conversation between Jonas and Amin, Escape follows a fascinating journey of self-discovery. It shows us that we can only build our future if we can come to terms with our past, and that we will only know the true meaning of home if we stop running away from ourselves.

Awards: European Film Awards 2021: European Documentary, European Animated Feature Film. Sundance FF 2021: Grand Jury Prize. Annecy International Animated FF 2021: Best Original Music Award, Cristal Award for Best Feature, Award for Distribution. Atlanta Film Critics Circle 2021: Best Documentary. Biografilm Festival 2021: Audience Award, Best Film Award. British Independent Film Awards 2021: Best International Independent Film. Gotham Awards 2021: Best Documentary. Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2022: TFCA Award for Best Animated Feature. Philadelphia FF 2021: Student Choice Award. New York Film Critics, Online 2021: Best Documentary. Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2021: Best Animation. And many other awards.


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