The Plush Queen - 29. Dny evropského filmu

The Plush Queen

9. 4. 18:00 Cinema Přítomnost , Praha + Bio Central Hradec Králové

After the film about the search for one of the rarest creatures on the planet – the snow leopard, Lukáš Rumlena talks to Ben Cristovao, an active vegan and animal rights advocate, about ways to contribute to the protection of animals and nature. The debate will take place in Prague’s Přítomnost and will be simultaneously live streamed to the online world and to the Bio Central cinema in Hradec Kralové.

The Velvet Queen

Director: Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier, France, 2021, 92 minutes, French with English and Czech subtitles

Two men in Tibet search for the traces of a legendary beast, but also for the meaning of their own lives. A natural history documentary with original music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.


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