Animation Workshop - 29. Dny evropského filmu

Animation Workshop

Cinema Přítomnost Praha 9. 4. 15:00 , Centrum Pant Ostrava 10. 4. 15:00

Even Mice Belong In Heaven

After the film a workshop on the basics of animation will be prepared for young visitors. Children will have the opportunity to try a variety of animation techniques (pixilation, cartoon animation, flipbooks and puppet animation) and create their own animated film. Interested children will also be able to create their own short film stories in the Lunapark of film inventions, which can be watched with the help of devices such as the praxinoscope, zoetrope or create their own film toy called thraumatrope! Don’t know what it all means? – Never mind – come and be tempted by the art of film!

The special event programme is suitable for families with children aged 5 and up and is led by an experienced Free Cinema tutor.

Admission for children per film and workshop in Přítomnost, Prague: 200 CZK. Price for the film only: 130 CZK. Admission in Pant: 100 CZK.


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